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How to Fall Asleep Fast – Mind Hack #23

How to Fall Asleep Fast – Mind Hack #23

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Preparation is key to getting a good night’s sleep..

Lots of people stay awake way too long thinking about things that happened, what we have to do, about problems... and the list goes on…


Here’s a list of 6 things you can do to prepare before you go to bed and my favorite Hypnotic technique to fall asleep fast.

1 - Stop eating a couple hours before sleeping

    a.Give yourself time to digest to eliminate feeling uncomfortable


2 - Try to keep away from sugars, coffee, salts or high carb foods before bedtime

    a. Sugar and coffee keeps you up and causes restlessness.

    b. Salty food makes you thirsty and urges you want to keep drinking then you need to use the restroom…

    c. Carbs digest slower, bloat you and can cause other stomach issues.


3 - Take time to relax and unwind before going to sleep

If you work or watch TV right until it’s time to go to bed, you may be thinking about the tv show you just watched or still be stressed etc…

    a. If you take time well in advance of bed time to think and take notes of,  you’ll have nothing more to to cloud your mind at bedtime…


4 - In that time create an updated To-Do list

    a. Write down all the things you have to do tomorrow or even in the future on a list

    b. If there are other items you can’t let go of other than your to-do issues then you may want to start a journal or diary for the same reason. Journaling is awesome!  

    c. Writing items and thoughts down gives you permission to let go of it for now and free up your mind’s RAM…allowing you to let go and rest…


5 - Prepare your room for sleep

    a. Eliminate as many electronic devices in your sleep space as possible or put them in another room; items such as cellphones, stereos, computers, tablets, obtrusively bright clocks, etc…

    b. It’s been proven scientifically that they can negatively affect your ability in relaxing and letting go…


6 - Change your mindset from “I have difficulty sleeping” to “I fall asleep quickly and easily” 

    a. Your Subconscious Mind will always give you what you focus on… It’s a rule!


Here’s the HYPNOTIC SLEEP Technique:

This is the actual technique I use; Enjoy!

In a moment I’m going to have you count your breaths backwards from 100 down to 1.  I want you to just breathe normally and relaxed: breathe in, count 100… exhale… inhale, count 99….exhale.... inhale, count 98,...exhale...inhale, count 97...exhale...inhale, count 96...and so on...

As you’re breathing and counting, as soon as you feel tired or it gets uncomfortable, simply stop counting and let yourself fall to sleep.  You don’t have to finish the numbers, you can stop whenever you like… but if you do finish them then simply let yourself fall asleep when you count the number 1. 


Remember your mindset is VERY important… so believe and “expect” to fall asleep while you’re doing this.

Thanks for reading, watching and Pleasant Dreams...

"Thank you, Rene Bastarache of American School of Hypnosis for sharing your thoughts and words on this topic of sleep!" 

~Matthew Fallon, C.Ht

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective 'tool' to help you retrain your mind and body to fall asleep fast 

and sleep better. 

CLICK HERE to begin improving your sleep

“Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your work. After just the first night I descended into a deep sleep and even though I awoke during the night, as usual, I was able to recall the experience and return to that lovely state, and sleep again. 


Now I not only sleep better at night, but can get that little nap anytime I need it. I'm looking forward to continuing and expect only the best of outcomes."

- Chandra C., USA
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