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Improved Memory & Concentration


Do you wish you could remember names with ease? Are you constantly misplacing your keys and can’t recall where you last left them? Would you like to feel more confidence in conversation circles and be able to recall stories, names, dates and details more easily? Enhance your concentration and watch your ability to remember

strengthen and drastically improve.


Note: This audio program is not a substitute for medical attention.  It can, however, help positively change a healthy person's tendency to believe they have a bad memory, which leads to their adopting this false belief as their story.  Enjoy this incredibly pleasurable audio experience as it transports your mind and body into a soothing and peaceful state of hypnotic relaxation. You will notice an immediate change in your mental clarity and ability to recall as it gently helps you to re-learn to be present in every moment -- from placing your keys down, to meeting someone new and hearing their name.  


“Improved Memory & Concentration,” you will love the feelings that it will give you and your new ‘self’. You will find yourself becoming the person you desire, that is one with improved clarity, concentration and

memory recall.

Your current ways (thoughts, habits and false beliefs) have brought you to where you are right now.  You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, to make an impactful change, RIGHT NOW.

MP3: $47.00

Email Matthew to Order.

Audio CD available. Email Matthew to Order.

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