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✔ Pain Management & Control
Pain can disrupt life’s activities, slowing us to a total halt. To a certain degree, it is important to realize that pain is not a bad thing. Pain signals to us that something is not right with our bodies or that we have hurt ourselves. Everyone experiences some type of pain during their lives whether it is from pulled or torn muscles, stress
 symptoms such as headaches, tissue degeneration, or disease.  Pain tells us that we need to consult with a medical doctor to fix what is wrong with our bodies. This program is not a substitute for medical attention. Whereas using hypnosis cannot alleviate the cause of pain, such as with arthritis or an abscessed tooth, it can help you manage and control the pain, speed your body's natural healing and allow you to participate in life’s activities, once again. The use of hypnosis has shown to be very effective as a complimentative approach to managing pain.

Pain Management (MP3)

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