Getting Started with Self-Hypnosis






Have YOU started yet?  Today is your day. 
It's easy and sooo relaxing!

You have probably found you have returned to your regular, everyday routine.  

   * Most likely, you have one of my Self-Hypnosis Audio CD's or MP3 programs.  
   * Maybe you have owned it for a few days.... maybe many, many months...

Maybe you're frustrated.  


Perhaps "it didn't work" for you...

Because Hypnosis is a profound and focused relaxation
(a natural state your mind goes to multiple times per day,
every day), simply ALLOW it to work FOR you.  

No Will Power necessary
No Trying necessary
No Exertion necessary

It may feel as though you're partaking in a passive activity.  


You're right...


Your Subconscious Mind brought you to how you are
now.   Allow it, with your BURNING DESIRE alone, to bring you to
the person you want to be. 

Simply DESIRE your change at a MUST level...  
"This change in my life must happen.  No more, never
again. I'm done, I'm through with the 'old' me."

Never mind the how, when, ifs or buts... That's the
Conscious Mind's chatter, that 'inner voice' that gets in
your way. 

Perhaps you find it difficult to achieve, or to even get
started with, your new goal...  

Right now, as you read this, remember your excitement
that you felt the moment you decided on your new goal...


Recall and fully see in your mind’s eye, where you were...
hear the related sounds..smell the smells...  Go on, do
that now...  

Good... Now, embrace that moment in which you made
your new goal... Associate with it.  It is you and
you are it. Gently smile.  The kind of smile that takes almost 

no effort at all...

Now, bring that smile and that excitement you felt when you made your
new goal back to the present moment.  Right here,
right now.  

Own this moment and anticipate, with excited eagerness, the
process.  Await with openness the new, good feelings you will
soon experience!  

Simply put on some headphones, turn off your phone.  
Listen in to your chosen program now, or tonight and let it
take you to sleep.  Let it help you get to sleep... 

Push "PLAY" today!  Do not wait.  That part of your
mind that says, "I'll do this tomorrow.." is your Conscious
Mind, the chatty, hampster-wheel mind that can
lift you up, or bring you down.  The one that has, probably

gotten in your way.  Up until now.  

It is your choice! 

Push "PLAY" today!

If we met in person, you most likely remember me saying to you "I want to hear from you."  I sincerely meant it.  


Let me know how I can help you.   

To your SUCCESS,  

Matthew Fallon
certified hypnotist
life transformation coach








Photo credit: TedsBlog via / CC BY