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MATTHEW FALLON is the Hypnotist to the Discerning Entertainment Buyer.


This incomparable Entertainer, and bona fide certified clinical hypnotist, has made massive impact within the corporate event scene and the cruise line industry since 2006.  Never a fake show or demonstration with 'phony' volunteers on stage.  Matthew Fallon is solely responsible for bringing comedy hypnosis entertainment to Royal Caribbean International --the world's foremost leader in cruise line entertainment-- demonstrating that hypnosis entertainment can be solidly entertaining and that of integrity, when presented by a World-Class Entertainer and Certified Practitioner.  As well, Matthew demonstrates how comedy hypnosis ia show that can actually leave memorable, lasting impact upon its audiences and participants -- filling in the gaps where other hypnosis shows fall short with gratuitous frolics.  Having entertained audiences since a young boy, Matthew brings his authentic and contagious charisma and energy to the stage, drawing on his background in Improvisational Comedy, Theater, Magic and Illusion.  

Charlatan: a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud



Bona fide: genuine; real.  ~MATTHEW FALLON IS;

a True Hypnotist that Engages, Entertains and Inspires

Who You Book for Your Entertainment Defines You

and Your Organization

Arapahoe High School says:

Centennial, CO

"The kids absolutely loved your shows!! My son personally came home and said, "that was the most mind-blowing experience I've ever had!" ... and you were all the kids were talking about afterward.


The Timeless 76-second Promo video!

90-second Promo Video




Shows Open to General Public Seating (non-private events) Will be Posted Here. 

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“He’ll Have You Sleeping in No Time!"™

The One-of-a-Kind, Hilarious Comedy

Hypnosis Show!


Colleges ● High Schools ● Corporate ● Private

Performing Arts Centers ● Cruise Lines

"That was the most mind-blowing experience

I've ever had!" ~ Student testimonial,

High School After-Prom Event

Matthew Fallon will present a worry-free show

for your event, like NO other!   


You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll feel it the next day and remember it for a life-time!    


Upgrade and Update Your

Entertainment Choice -

Bring in the Best!  


Matthew Fallon’s interactive and side-splitting

Hypno-tainment!™ Show features audience members forgetting all about their fears and inhibitions, tapping the limits of their imaginations and transforming into astounding performers!


All Shows are Appropriate

For All Ages

and Audiences  


Matthew’s brand of hypnosis show is unscripted and Stars the Audience!  Imagine your friends, colleagues, associates, under Matthew’s professional and capable guidance, drifting into a deep trance state, experiencing the depths of their imaginations -- 

right on stage!  Matthew Fallon utilizes zero stooges / confederates / plants / paid-volunteers in his hypnosis shows.  He doesn't need need to.  This is the real, raw deal.  


On a Scale of 1 to 10,

Audiences Give

Matthew Fallon an '11'!


A Talent Buyerʼs Dream!

A professional entertainer and presenter since 1989, Matthew Fallon creates dynamic events and provides a unique entertainment for Fortune 500 Companies, Luxury Cruise Lines, Country Clubs, Dining Establishments and Private Parties through his trusted charm and authentic, inviting personality.  


The Ultimate

Comedy Show!  


Youʼll laugh so hard you feel it the next day and

remember it for a lifetime!  Matthewʼs HYPNO-tainment!™ Show is good, clean family entertainment

 - never “blue” 

 -never embarassing anyone



Absolutely SAFE

and Professional

Matthew Fallon is a full-time Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, Member of the Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists, is affiliated with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and certified by


In addition, for your assurance and your safety, Matthew carries a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.  He's never used it nor does he intend to.

Hypnosis is just

like daydreaming.

It is a state of mind we all experience everyday, multiple times per day.  Examples are while reading a book, watching a television show or movie, even while driving a car....When our breathing and heart rate slow, our focus narrows and weʼre very relaxed - itʼs called the Alpha/Theta state of mind.  


Stage hypnosis is completely safe for all involved, including the audience, when presented by a trained, experienced and competent professional.

While Matthew Fallon is your safest choice, he is bar-none your most inspirational, motivational and entertaining choice!


Exclusive Booking / Contact

Cruise Line Inquiries
Matthew Fallon is: 
Certified Clinical Hypnotist
Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Life Transformation Coach

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Private Practice Website

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