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Matthew Fallon


"Please give me a description of your company and the products/services you offer"


    Attain Your Full Potential was designed around helping people move beyond blocks in their life, either perceived or actual.  Via personal one-on-one or group sessions, Matthew Fallon works with you to achieve the results you’re after. 


   Through advanced hypnotic sessions utilizing neuro-linguistic programming and the latest in mind-change technologies as well as personal coaching, you can find yourself quickly overcoming your blocks, habits and false-beliefs and becoming the full potential you desire.  



"Tell me about your background -- your business and yourself."


    As a child, a teacher introduced me to visualization, guided imagery and goal-setting/achievement; all traits and skills of peak-performers. Learning these traits and skills was a GIFT and I advanced my knowledge and abilities in them through the practice of hypnosis, also taught to me by that same childhood teacher.  With determination, grit and hard work, I accomplished a childhood dream of an amazing career in entertainment; my wife as my partner, we traveled to all corners of the globe for 12 solid years.  


   I feel very fortunate to have been able to achieve that dream.  Learning to shut off the voices that normally would say, "you're not good enough," "this dream will never happen," "this is too difficult.." and so on, well, I quieted them real quick and made that dream happen.  My personal experience, advanced training and skills can help you achieve your dreams and goals, too.   


   Blessed with two beautiful children, family is paramount to me.  I still travel -- much less than I used to -- and my work focuses on individuals and groups to help them achieve their goals, eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns, all to experience lasting change. 



"What inspired you to pursue your profession?"


   I began my current profession when I became certified in clinical hypnosis in 2006.  This decision was driven by my desire to create a lasting, positive impact in the lives of the people I am blessed to encounter.  Entertainment was my first passion, however, I am certain much — if not all — of my success in entertainment was due to my having learned and put into practice the skills of guided imagery, goal-setting/achievement, visualization, hypnosis and more.  There is an undeniable passion inside of me to help others live more fully, to live the lives they desire through eliminating limiting beliefs and patterns and achieving their goals. 

   Together, we can work to achieve your goals painlessly, effectively and with ease.  


To your Absolute Well-being!



Matthew T. Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotist

life transformation coach

Colorado Springs' best hypnotist


Hi Matthew,

Our goals have had excellent success in being met, your (weight loss) cd is fantastic, we don’t so much rely on it to lose weight any more as we are reasonably fit and healthy now from it...  Thanks so much for getting your cd to us... 

        -Stuart & Michelle C., Australia


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