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How do I use your Audio Hypnosis Sessions
(MP3's and CD's)?

It’s simple. Simply download the MP3 file (or purchase the CD), play,

and follow the instructions. It really doesn’t get any more complicated

than that.  Click HERE to see more information for success with audio

hypnosis sessions.   

What is Hypnosis?

"Hypnos" is Greek for 'sleep.'  Hypnosis is simply the name given to the practice of making a postive change in your thoughts, habits and beliefs to affect a desired result.  Hypnosis is a tool for improving your life. It can be used to install positive, empowering beliefs and thought patterns into your mind, changing how you act and feel about yourself, thereby changing the results you experience in your life.  


Hypnosis works by first taking you down into a deep, relaxing state. Then, using a combination of affirmations, visualization, and special NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) steps, it helps you to reprogram your mind, in the most beneficial way possible.


See, our minds are 'programmed', right now, steering our thoughts, beliefs and habits.  Should you desire to change (or re-program) yourself for more desirable results in your sleep, stress/worry/anxiety levels, smoking habit, eating habits, confidence level and more, like a computer, you must make the change at the 'hard drive' level of the mind ~ the subconscious.  Hypnosis guides you into a deep, relaxing state, which quiets the loud and chatty mind -- the conscious -- naturally and embeds the affirmations, visualizations, and special NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) steps within your subconsicous mind.  

Does Hypnosis really work?

Yes! Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a rigorously proven method of self-change used by millions of people across the globe.  To learn more of the scientific evidence behind hypnosis, click HERE.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Hypnosis -- the deep and profound relaxed state -- feels a lot like when you 'zone out' while watching TV, listening to music or daydreaming while gazing out your window.  It is a wonderful, natural, relaxed state of mind -- specifically, the Alpha and Theta levels of mind -- that naturally quiets the internal noise and chatter of the conscious (thinking) mind.



Is Hypnosis a religion or an occult?  


Not at all.  Hypnosis is neither religious nor non-religious.  Hypnosis is a secular helping practice.  Sadly, sources such as our own federal government, some denominations of the Christian faith, and others, continue to 'sell' the false-truths that hypnosis is mind-control, that it can force one to reveal confidential information, that it can leave one open to suggestion and more nonsense that has ZERO substantiation and proof.  As with any topic and subject, hypnosis is like an onion -peel back the layers by asking questions!  Always be discerning and consider the 'source' of the 'answers' you're finding!  Should you choose to believe a false-truth about hypnosis (or any other subject matter, for that matter), sadly, you've just subjected yourself to someone else controlling your mind.  



Is Hypnosis like meditation?

In essence, yes!  The practice of meditation achieves a quiet, relaxed state of mind (the Alpha / Theta level) and is extrememly beneficial for overall well-being.  Physically, meditation:


  Lowers blood lactate levels, minimizing anxiety attacks

  Lowers high blood pressure

  Minimizes / eliminates tension-related pain

  Increases ones energy 

  Improves the immune system


Like meditation, the practice of hypnosis also guides you into the same quiet, relaxed state of mind (the Alpha / Theta level).  Once at this level, the the positive affirmations, visualizations, and special NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) steps begin to help you, ultimately, achieve better, more desired, results in your life.  As I've always said, Hypnosis is Meditation with a very specific goal.  

Is it true one must gullible, weak-willed or lacking intelligence to be hypnotized?

​​This couldn't be further from the truth.  

Research has proven that hypnosis works for most people. However it’s the individual’s motivation, willingness and ability to concentrate that determines success.


Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t weak-minded individuals that are most susceptible to hypnosis. Rather, more strong-minded, focused and creative individuals have the greatest success with hypnosis, as they’re able to gently focus and follow the guidance easier.

To be hypnotized, do I need to really try to make it happen?  


 When one is having difficulty becoming hypnotized, it is possibly because they are trying too hard.  When one let's go, follows the guidance of their hypnotist and allows it to occur, that's when a deep, effective and rewarding hypnotic trance will occur.

Hypnosis is mind-control, right? I can be forced to embarrass myself or tell secrets I don’t want to share, etc.? 


Indeed, no.  Now, Hypnosis IS mind-control, it is the client controlling their own mind.  This means the client has to be willing to be hypnotized, to be guided into the relaxing hypnotic trance.  Hypnosis is never a battle of wills, it is a total-compliance act.  Therefore, a client will never do or say anything while under hypnosis that they wouldn't normally say or do while in normal wakened state.  

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Impossible.  For the same reason you cannot get “stuck” in a daydream.  You just cannot get “stuck” in relaxation. Hypnosis is a deep, profound and focused relaxation; it is impossible to get "stuck" in this state.  Only in movies, TV and comic books does this happen.  Bummer, right?? 


Am I asleep when hypnotized?

When sleeping, awareness of surroundings is turned down or off, dependent upon how deep one sleeps.  When hypnotized, you have a heightened awareness of everything around you... yet, distractions just don’t seem to matter.



Stage hypnotists use stooges (plants, paid participants) to put on a show, right?

Many do.  Many more do not.  The truth is, there really is no need to.  If a Stage Hypnotist uses a stooge in his/her show, that makes the said volunteer(s) a puppet, making the Stage Hypnotist a puppet master, not a hypnotist.  A bona-fide Stage Hypnotist has been certified in hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis, not in puppet mastery.  I maintain equal integrity in both my hypnosis practice and my hypnosis presentations / shows:   


Will I have any memory of being hypnotized?

You most certainly can.  Each person’s experience is unique.  Indeed, the subconscious mind holds all memories -- it is the record keeper, the 'black box' of the mind -- therefore, having NO memory of your session while hypnotized cannot and will not occur.  However, for some, recalling their hypnosis session to their conscious memory may be like a dream: possibly no recall of it, maybe a fragmented memory of it or a full-recall of the experience.


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