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Stress Awareness & Management


Training & Speaking Information

Stress is the #1 cause of Dis-ease


Job Stress carries a price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over $300 billion, annually

    as a result of:

    ·Accidents·Absenteeism·Employee turnover                   ·Diminished productivity ·Direct medical, legal,                and insurance costs·Workers’ compensation awards      as well as tort and FELA judgments 

        -American Institute of Stress


  60-90% of doctor visits caused by stress

       -Harvard research


  50+% of Adults suffer from Insomnia

       -Duke University Med. Center


  Workplace stress is Estimated to Cause:

       19% of absenteeism

       40% of turnover

       55% of EAP programs




















Stress Reduction Training Master Class

Program Options


• Engaging Keynote



 2 - 4 hour (tailored)

  Interactive Seminar 


See Program content, below

Matthew Fallon's Effective and Lasting Training - Reduce Stress in Your Workplace.  Stress Reduction Training.  Attain Your Full Potential Now


Stress Reduction Training Master Class

• Workplace • Appreciation Event • Conference • Retreat • Holiday Event

• College/University • Break-Out Sessions • Coroprate / HR Training



Reduce & Manage Stress in Your Workplace Training

Seminar and Keynote 

(note: Seminar options allow for expansion of content)


This outline's content is applied to an Engaging Keynote Address and to the Interactive Seminars which can be tailored from 2 to 4 hours in length. 


- Introduction

- Goals and objectives

- Stress in our lives - participants'

- What is stress - Chronic vs. Acute / Good vs. Bad?

- Impacts on overall Health (mental, emotional, physical, etc.) due to un-managed and extended stress 

- Benefits of relaxation and meditation to reduce stress - Backed by Scientific, Medical Research

- Learning that Relaxation may be a treatment for Tension but Stress is so much more than Tension

- Guided relaxation and meditation

- Q & A on exercises

- Habit change - how to effectively incorporate stress management techniques into a daily habit, for work and personal

- How our Perceptions control our Reactions

- Gaining awareness of and control over our Perceptions

- Increasing Mental Clarity to Increase Productivity

- Controlling our tension 

- Compassion vs. Compulsion

- Perform at the peak of your abilities even when under immense pressure

- Produce excellent quality work even when tasks are boringly dull and repetitive

- Role play and/or Discussion of typical daily Stressors


By the end of this Stress Reduction Training Master Class

• Participants will have a much clearer understanding of stress and the importance of controlling it.  

• Participants will be able to analyze the points of pressure in their life, and plan to neutralize them.

• Participants will also have an armory of different stress reduction methods to help them control each stressor with the most appropriate technique.


Conclusion / Wrap-up / Commitments / Evaluations


Printed Take-Aways:


• Top Tips for Implementing a daily habit, creating a routine

• Research / Studies on Meditation and its healing impact on acute stress

Relaxation / Meditation printed material




Matthew Fallon's Training Synopsis


Ignite massive positive change! 


Attendees will benefit, dramatically, in both their work and personal lives;

noticeably enhancing their flexibility and productivity on the job. I incorporate 

the latest mind-change technologies and strategies, explaining how your

psychology shapes your success. Combining clear understanding of our

thought - experience - senses and how our perception drives us in the moment,

with medically and clinically proven and neuro-science-backed relaxation techniques

and strategies to reduce and manage stress, and increase awareness and flexibility

in the most-challenging situations and environmnets.  


So much more than a stress-reduction and management training, I impart strategies, techniques and information that assuredly arm attendees with the tools and armor that are essential for developing a winner's mindset, self-mastery, vision and focus, impactful leadership and successful team participation. 



Contact Matthew Fallon HERE to Inquire and Schedule Your Training Today.   

Matthew Fallon - certified clinical hypnotist & life transformation coach.  Ignite massive positive change!
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