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Success Tips 

to Help you 

Maximize your



Congratulations on Taking Your

First Step to a Better You!


Success Tips to Help you Benefit

from Your Audio Hypnosis Session!



✔ Listen to your hypnosis program each day, anytime of the day, for 21 to 30 days, consecutively.  Why?  Neuroscience has proven that repetitive behavior for up to and including 30 days toward a singular goal, instills a new habit.  Do not listen to your hypnosis session while driving a car, operating heavy machinery, or at any time your attention is required elsewhere. This Audio Hypnosis Program is designed to guide you into a deep and profound relaxation, the hypnotic trance state, which would not be safe, nor convenient, while driving, hiking, biking, running, working, etc.


✔ You do not have to listen to your self-hypnosis audio program at the same time every day.  As long as you listen to it once per day, you're on the right track.  You’ll soon begin to realize your thoughts and feelings changing on a daily basis.  


✔ Should you fall asleep while listening, you are still benefitting. How?  Your Subconscious mind is always absorbing!  If you can hear the audio while awake, your subconscious mind can still hear the audio when you’re asleep given the fact that no circumstances have changed, i.e., speakers haven’t face down, ear buds haven’t fallen out of your ears, etc.


✔ Listening with headphones / earbuds is highly recommended for maximum enjoyment and benefit. 


✔ This is your “gift” time. Its importance, its value, is up to you. Enjoy your results! 




Matthew T. Fallon, CH.t. 

certified clinical hypnotist

life transformation coach

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