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Client Testimonials


“Mr. Fallon…

First I would like to say that…you helped me expand my mind to a higher level, however it may have been entertainment, it opened my eyes to a renewed spirituality with God and in that experience everything happened as it should…I observed many skeptics and critics, but…that relaxation came as all my stress was gone and I indeed slept more comfortably than I had in several months. You are an Amazing Man, and I have a great admiration for you as a fellow Christian. I felt those vibes when I spoke with you briefly after the show.  Thank you, kind Sir.   As like others, I was once a skeptic, but now I truly believe.  (I) could never violate my moral codes, because I was at a level of positive transition, again I Thank You, and God Bless You, continued success!”

-L. Waller/M. Berry, San Diego, CA



“Just wanted to let you know, since I began the hypnosis  (“Relaxation - Stress & Anxiety Relief” and “Your Journey to Weight Loss”). (I do it before bed) I have slept so much better. I was taking Ambien every night before bed and I haven't had to take any!  In addition, I have lost 3 pounds. I am so glad that I was able to learn about hypnotherapy and implement it in my life.”

 -E. Ekstrand, USA




Matthew Fallon,

I am writing to tell you how much my daughter and I enjoy your relaxation CD.  My husband is in the military and is gone quite often, and when he is, I have a hard time sleeping…I used your relaxation CD our first night home and let me tell you, I had not slept so good, or woke up feeling so refreshed, in my life.  …I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do.  You have made such a positive impact on my life.   I just wish you had a cd that would get my teenagers to listen and stop fighting!”

-B. Degand, USA



“Dear Matthew,

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the weight loss CD.

I have lost 14 pounds in 15 days.  I joined the Katie Couric Fed Up diet and cut sugar and carbs out of my diet.  The CD has kept me from feeling the loss of my comfort food. The other day I listened to it and was under for 45 minutes.  I felt so good when I woke up.  I should have gone this route a long time ago.  I am so glad you were on the Star Princess.  I hope that this will keep me honest and that I could lose another 50 pounds.  Please continue to do your work.  What a great way to get your message out there.  I sing your praises everywhere I go and I have given your web address to many people.  Hopefully they will get in touch with you soon.”

-B. Forsythe, New Jersey




I have really enjoyed your (Hypnosis) tips that you have been sending to me..  I met you on one of the cruises and actually was one of your volunteers.  It was amazing, and I have been practicing living better since then, thanks to many of your tips.

So THANK YOU!”   -Tony C., USA

“…I received my own copy a few days later from Author, Matthew Fallon,

‘Relaxation: Stress and Anxiety Relief.’  I begin playing my CD several times a day to learn the suggestive relaxation methods.  Each night I go to sleep listening to my CD.  Why? .. Because it is calming, soothing, peaceful, comforting and relaxing.  I love my audio relaxation compact-disc.  Through it, I discovered a method of recovery, readjustment and the ability to manage stress.”  Have a great day,”

-Buddy, R., Florida (as shared in his book, The Pain, from the Death of a Spouse)

“Hi Mathew, this is jane b(name protected), I have looked so forward to your

(hypnosis tips) E-mails it has made such a difference, not just the weight but to my well being and made me feel so much better… thank you once again knowing you have been there if I have wanted to get (in) touch has been a great help. I listen to your tape every night, it does help me sleep 

Kind Regards,”  

-Jane, U.K. 


“…My memory has improved enough that I can actually notice when I recall events and information previously locked up, and now are released from my memory banks... Each time it happens, I chuckle and remind myself that before using the hypnosis tapes, there would be no way of recalling that information. Also, with the weight loss sessions, about a week into listening to you tapes, I opened a bag of potato chips- my guilty pleasure- but could not get my hand to reach into the bag to begin consuming the chips! What a breakthrough. Now, I have chips on only a rare occasion, and even though I can get my hand into the bag, just a few chips, rather than the whole bag, satisfies my urge for that salty craving.”

- Anonymous, Arizona

“Hello Matthew,

My sleep has improved greatly since using your Eliminate Insomnia Program along with some simple changes in diet at dinner time. Thank you so much for helping with such a frustrating problem. My wife and I have both enjoyed the different hypnosis programs and look forward to new ones as they become available. Sincerely,”   -Brian, M., Colorado


"Now, imagine your success story here. 


I look forward to working with you to help you make the changes you desire in your life!"


-Matthew Fallon, C.Ht 

certified clinical hypnotist

life transformation coach

“Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your work. After just the first night I descended into a deep sleep and even though I awoke during the night, as usual, I was able to recall the experience and return to that lovely state, and sleep again.  I'm on day 14 with Eliminate Insomnia and I'm so grateful.


I can play with it now, listening at different times of the day and it's cummulative effect is working. For example, at the end of my work day and I'm exhausted, I listen to a session and awake afterwards refreshed and energetic. Before I had Eliminate Insomnia, I'd take a nap, and often be so deeply asleep that one to two hours would pass before I could arouse myself.


Knowing this, I'd be frustrated if it affected my sleep later that night. Now I not only sleep better at night, but can get that little nap anytime I need it. I'm looking forward to continuing and expect only the best of outcomes."

- Chandra C., USA

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