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Weight Loss hypnosis

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Your Journey to Weight Loss


It can be easy to lose weight, when one knows how. This is not a “diet,” not an audio “cook book” or an instant “magic” solution to losing weight.


This CD targets the root cause, the real reason, most people gain weight: a bad perception toward food and one's body which translates to any or all of the following: over-eating, binging, snacking,

poor portion control, etc.  


Let this proven system work for you. Your strong desire to change your eating habits is all that is required. Reawaken your latent, intelligent awareness toward food and your body.  Enjoy respecting your body. Feel good about your health, your life and your self!


Enjoy this incredibly pleasurable listening experience as it transports your mind and body into a soothing and peaceful state of hypnotic relaxation. 


Includes “Your Journey to Weight Loss,” and enjoyable and relaxing audio program plus BONUS Motivation audio program to help you reach your goal and maintain your success as a Healthier You!

Your current ways (thoughts, habits and false beliefs) have brought you to where you are right now.  You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, to make an impactful change, RIGHT NOW.

MP3: $47.00

Email Matthew to Order.

Audio CD available. Email Matthew to Order.

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