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How Audio Hypnosis Works - Matthew Fallon, CH.t

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 hear me  explain:

  • How Hypnosis Recordings work

  • How your Subconscious Mind can learn the habits you want! 








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SleepPhones, recommended by Matthew Fallon, CH.t
SleepPhones, recommended by Matthew Fallon, CH.t
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Hello Matthew,

Thank you...  The Relaxation CD  has definitely helped my husband in his sleeping.❞ 

 - Georgie S., California




I wanted to let you know that I am sleeping wonderfully, my stress is so much better and I can actually control it now…I have been listening to my CD for 11 days and have felt such an amazing improvement.  I have tried other hypnotist CD’s but yours is actually working......thank you so much, I feel so much husband is relieved and my golf game has improved unbelievably!, but best of all I'm sleeping!  Never realized how stress and anxiety can mess with your head.  Once again thank you, you have been a complete blessing for me.  P.S.: My husband is happy with my improvement too! :-)          

 - Ive L., California

I wholeheartedly recommend the sources BELOW for more self-hypnosis audio titles.  

Both have extremely skilled practitioners and are expert hypnotherapy organizations.  


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