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 I have worked with Matthew and the experience was wonderful. I had a fear of heights and with Matthew's help has mitigated this problem. His voice on my individual cd was a great leap toward overcoming my problem.  Thanks again. 

  -Bob W., Utah

    (client via Skype)


Eliminate Your Fear,

Phobia, ptsd.  

Once and for all.


 It IS Possible to Get Rid of Absolutely ANY Fear!


Public Speaking 






and More... 


A fear is learned in an instant.  

A fear can be un-learned just as fast. 

A fear can be debilitating.  Simply a thought or memory

of a traumatic experience in our past --or an event in the present 

moment-- can stop us in our tracks with sweaty palms

rushed breathing, a pit in our stomach, heart pounding.. 

Do not live with this 'black cloud' over you any longer.  

It is possible to eliminate absolutley fear, phobia, ptsd. 



You and I will talk over the phone or Skype or FaceTime.  From this meeting time together, I will write and produce a custom-tailored fear elimination audio program, just for you.  Follow the process and realize your freedom once again.  Do not let the 'audio program' factor instill doubt toward this technique.  NAC (neuro-associative conditioning) is the powerful language of the brain in which we associate our outer world to our inner world.  Our associations can be pleasurable as well as unpleasurable (painful) - as with a fear.  Our associations are usually learned (conditioned) in an instant and can be un-learned in an instant.  PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is the symptom(s) of the fear; of reliving a traumatic experience, a learned fear.  


This technique is powerful.  This is not CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).  Studies are proving that talking out a fear and its cause, etc., can actually exacerbate the very fear and its symptoms.  This is my go-to technique with all of my own clients that want to break free from

any fear.  

Your current thoughts, habits, false beliefs and stories you tell yourself have brought you to where you are right now.  You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, to make an impactful change, RIGHT NOW.  


Click the green button, below, and let's Make it Happen!

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