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Would you like to:
►  Release negative habits and blocks?
►  Positively change thoughts, feelings and patterns that no longer serve you?
►  This is not a Hollywood movie or a
comic book.
This is you reaching 
your desired goal.
Client testimonials Matthew Fallon, Colorado Springs best hypnotist

The NEW, Comprehensive Blueprint by Matthew Fallon, C.Ht

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Simply put:

"Hypnosis works with everyone

Not everyone works

with Hypnosis.

You decide with your desire for change if it

works for you."


~Matthew Fallon, CH.t

Become...Free of Anxiety
Become...Your Best Self

Hypnosis is used by millions to successfully eliminate and change negative thoughts, feelings and habits that no longer serve. 

They strengthen confidence, productivity, spiritual faith, performance and much more!

Free ebook from Matthew Fallon, Colorado Springs best hypnotist

Are You a Smoker?

Ready to QUIT?

Commit to your Desire and I can help you.

Don't Wait Another DAY.  Quit Today.


Feel Better, Balanced
in a few short Seconds 
Matthew Fallon's Free Audio Program - "8 Steps to Feeling Amazing, Right Now!"
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Self-hypnosis Audio Programs | Matthew Fallon, C.Ht



Thank you for the two audios. (Relaxation - Stress & Anxiety Relief and Improved Memory & Concentration).  I have been using them for 3-days and am beginning to feel the benefits already.  I am more relaxed and truly enjoy listening.  My productivity has increased and my stress level is decreasing.  

I am glad that I volunteered...otherwise, I would never have experienced the powers of hypnosis.

-C. Davidson, Oakland, CA


Colorado Springs, CO  |  |  (719) 285-7027

Please Note:  All hypnosis, guided imagery, NLP, hypnotherapy or meditation audio CD's and MP3's are intended for self-improvement and self-development and relaxation purposes only.  Should your life be transformed for the better and give you the results you desire, we are all grateful.  Understand no promises or guarantees can be made, yet most people do get the result and changes they are seeking.  These audio programs are not medical or therapeutic devices or tools and are not intended to diagnose, create, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.    

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