Failed to Achieve a Goal? Ask Yourself This One Question.

Failure is not permanent.  Because you may have failed does NOT make YOU a failure.

We tend to think of failure as something shameful, undesirable.

Understandably, failing to achieve anything often causes negative feelings, no matter how big or small the goal or task was.

Asking yourself ‘what can I learn from this?’ is the only way to overcome those feelings -- by changing the way we understand failure -- changing the way we look at it -- it is part of the process of success and leaves valuable lessons if we know how to learn from it.

Two ways to redefine failure and learn from it effectively--

1 - Don't be afraid to make mistakes - Learning from your mistakes is about more than just thinking about what went wrong. The first step towards using failure as a tool for success is to stop seeing mistakes as shameful. Just because you may have failed does not make you a failure!

2 - Think about it - a mistake is not just a natural part of embarking on a new project; it is also part of the human experience. As such, they should be accepted as a necessary step towards achieving your goals.

In her article "Strategies for Learning from Failure", Amy C. Edmondson classifies mistakes in three categories: