I Appreciate You!

I Appreciate You! As we close out the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States... and prepare ourselves for a New Season... I am grateful for you and want to be sure you know it. You are one of the positive souls doing good on this planet. You are priceless, and I love that you allow me to part of your world. It doesn't have to be a special holiday for you or I to express gratitude. Stop and feel the warmth of the family and friends around you, and in your life, today and feel gratitude for the gift of life itself. Last Sunday’s New York Times Review Section had an amazing article on Gratitude; read it HERE. I assure you, it will make you smile! May you have a joyful day, every day.*

What is this Hypnosis stuff and How is it Working? Truthfully.

"What is this Hypnosis Stuff and How is it Working? Truthfully." A word that mystifies, confuses and often puts images of mind-control, voo-doo and witchcraft in people's minds - HYPNOSIS. Thankfully, these images and misconceptions couldn’t possibly be any further from the actual truth! The word itself, hypnosis, is derived from the Greek word HYPNOS, meaning 'sleep.' The state of hypnosis resembles sleep but is not sleep in the least bit. Indeed, the hypnotic state is a profound and focused relaxation, a single focus on one idea. (In 1841, Dr. James Braid had desired to rename hypnosis “monoideaism”, ‘one idea,’ literally, but that word just didn't catch on). This profound and focused r

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World's Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping!
World's Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping!

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