Failed to Achieve a Goal? Ask Yourself This One Question.

We tend to think of failure as something shameful, undesirable. Understandably, failing to achieve anything often causes negative feelings, no matter how big or small the goal or task was. Asking yourself ‘what can I learn from this?’ is the only way to overcome those feelings -- by changing the way we understand failure -- changing the way we look at it -- it is part of the process of success and leaves valuable lessons if we know how to learn from it. Two ways to redefine failure and learn from it effectively-- 1 - Don't be afraid to make mistakes - Learning from your mistakes is about more than just thinking about what went wrong. The first step towards using failure as a tool for success

Good Health / Well-being Start Here

As a hypnotist, my role is to guide clients to improved states of well-being. Should a client be suffering from insomnia, for me to address solely the sleeping conditions and habits of the client would most likely prove to be futile. Insomnia is a symptom of an underlying cause. Just as obesity is a symptom, as is smoking, as is nail-biting, as is pain, as is depression and anxiety, as is mental fog and more. It is imperative for me to go deeper into the health and well-being conditions of the client and help change the cause. Therefore, as a hypnotist and life transformation coach, I take a HOLISTIC APPROACH to well-being. The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine defines holistic m

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World's Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping!

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