Getting Started with Self-Hypnosis

Have YOU started yet? Today is your day. It's easy and sooo relaxing! You have probably found you have returned to your regular, everyday routine. * Most likely, you have one of my Self-Hypnosis Audio CD's or MP3 programs. * Maybe you have owned it for a few days.... maybe many, many months... Maybe you're frustrated. Perhaps "it didn't work" for you... Because Hypnosis is a profound and focused relaxation (a natural state your mind goes to multiple times per day, every day), simply ALLOW it to work FOR you. No Will Power necessary No Trying necessary No Exertion necessary It may feel as though you're partaking in a passive activity. You're right... Your Subconsciou

Breathe. Part 2 (Breathe deeper)

Exhaling... This post is late. Much later than my initial timeline had intended. But that's OK. I have a GREAT EXCUSE! Most of you know that I travel, a lot, with my work. I was blessed with a great chunk of time home and Spring springing into action at home in Colorado. I chose to relish in the moments with my two beautiful children going hiking and playing outside. Enjoyment could not have been accomplished -- fun would not have been felt and had --had I not let go...loosened...and completely let go... I was breathing. My last post, "The #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation" detailed the importance of breath, that is, of breathing deeply. Relaxation is impossible without letting go, loosen

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