The #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation

Relaxation is impossible without letting go, loosening, fully releasing. Releasing is accomplished, first, via the breath. Breath -- breathing -- is the #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation. Deep, slow breaths. "Do not underestimate how potent relaxation can be! Just ask the Olympic skier as he begins his slalom, or the diamond cutter as drill meets stone, or the heart surgeon deftly repairing an artery. Relaxation fosters focus, precision, fluidity, and flawless timing. When I’m relaxed, my psychobiology makes the most efficient use of my blood flow, hormone release, oxygen transfer, and nerve impulses. The Latin root of the word relax means to loosen. (Which is a good move when one is engaged

3 Steps to Taking Action

Only about 10% of any group will take action on something, even when given all the tools they need for success. Do you stand in the 10%? Something about even the thought of taking action can be paralyzing. The paralysis continues becoming procrastination. The procrastination continues and becomes months to years... 3 Steps to Taking Action. 1) Decide on your outcome. For some, this can be incredibly difficult. Just making that choice can send some into the shakes. Remember, making a decision is not permanent. There is no right. There is no wrong. You can change your decision at any time. Simply, give yourself permission to decide, at this moment, on one outcome. Write it down. 2) Make n

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World's Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping!

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