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Do YOU Believe in it?

As we've just taken down our Christmas and Holiday decorations a few days ago (it's r-e-a-l-l-y cold in Colorado; I didn't feel like climbing a ladder quite yet!)... I hope you and yours had a most-Joyous Season! Today's Topic:

“Yeah, I don’t believe in hypnosis.” Maybe surprising to you, or not, this is something I hear all the time. And that is fine by me! I do not mind. Such a statement of dis-belief is an open doorway to a communication about to ensue. See, the problem the majority of people have with hypnosis (and their beliefs about it) sources from someone else’s belief: * the experience of a friend * colleague * movies * television * stories Peoples' disbelief in hypnosis rarely stems from their own personal experience but rather from what they've heard or seen from an outside source. Therefore, they do not hold their own belief. Someone else’s words have become their dogma. Self-hypnosis in action... “Yeah, I don’t believe in hypnosis.” Upon hearing one woman say she does not believe in hypnosis, my first encouragement to her is to find comfort in having her own opinion on the subject by learning facts rather than recycling the opinion of another. I encourage her to trust her own experience, her own judgement. And most importantly, I help her to understand the very fact that

*hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind. One that can be *utilized as a personal tool. I add that *it works in the background of everyone all the time. *Grabbing the wheel to steer it rather than being steered is so much more fulfilling! Wouldn't you agree? And when taught how to use the tool, success occurs. That's when everyone's eyes light up! That's the best part! Now, one is certainly free to choose not to believe in something that factually exists. So it is with hypnosis -- it is a tool our Creator instilled in all of us, regardless of your spiritual beliefs. The profoundly relaxed and focused state of mind, the Alpha-Theta state of mind, known as hypnotic trance state, will always exist and millions of people will attest of the ease, fun and success they experienced with their personal change. Least of all feeling better, sleeping better, looking better! Belief in hypnosis or not -the tool that it is- that thing upon your neck - your necktop computer! Hypnosis works with all people - Not all people work with hypnosis. The latter is a choice. We could be so bold as to point out that the folks that don't believe in hypnosis are choosing not to believe... *because, IF it did actually exist, they'd have to be accountable and make change in their life. And who really wants to change, anyhow? --------------

Make 2016 YOUR Year to Make the Changes YOU Desire! I am here for your SUCCESS. Sincerely,

Matthew Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotherapist

life transformation coach

If you have not yet done so, download my digital book, FREE,

Photo credit: symphony of love via / CC BY-SA


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