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Ignite Your Enthusiasm!

Ignite Your Enthusiasm!

Part 2 of my last e-mail.... Boredom.

• Feeling a bit bored during your hypnosis sessions lately?

• Are you feeling a little bored in the pursuit of your goal?

Boredom is that feeling of weariness, even helplessness when one is dis-engaged, unoccupied or lacks interest in their current activity... Passionate is the direct opposite of boredom. Passion ignites enthusiasm. How can you eliminate, completely abolish, your sense of boredom and feel passionate about your goal? If you have a goal to: • Stop Smoking • Relax - feel less stress, worry, anxiety • Improve your sleep • Drop some pounds and feel better about yourself • Improve your memory • Manage and control any pain you may experience • Increase your confidence Or... Your Goal Here (fill in the blank): _______________ What does your goal mean to you? i.e., How bad do you want to experience change in your life? How bad do you desire to reach your goal? "Kind of…" "Sort of…" "Just hoping it happens…" "Wishing for it to occur…" "Dreaming of it…" Does one of these fit you? Perhaps, like many, you imagine your goal and immediately get overwhelmed with one of these: "HOW...?" "WHAT IF...?" "BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW..." Let's call your goal Obstacle One. When we dwell on other limiting thoughts like the 3 above, we invite in Obstacle Two, Three, Four and so on... All of a sudden your ONE GOAL (obstacle one) is riddled with multiple obstacles! See how we can (and often do) sabotage ourselves and our successes? Leave out limiting thoughts like: "HOW...?" "WHAT IF...?" "BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW..." And focus intently, passionately, upon YOUR ONE GOAL. Where focus goes, attention goes and energy follows. Your beautiful Sub-Conscious Mind immediately begins to create and find solutions to your desires when those desires are passionately sought after. What happens next is called a change of state:

Your physiology changes, your feelings change, your thoughts change -- on a daily basis -- bringing you, passionately, closer to your goal. You may remember hearing me say, Hypnosis success is directly related to the desire one has for the change they want in their life.” Your Desire = Your Success Your desire for change must be at the MUST level. As in: "No more, never again, I’m done, I’m through." If you don’t feel passionate about your goal, you won’t reach it. Certainly, you won’t reach it when you just are hoping to.

This may sound harsh but my candidness inspires results: your current state of hoping, wishing, waiting, dreaming has gotten you to how you are, right now. Desire a swift-kick of passion for your goal?

I'm here to help.

Here for your SUCCESS, Matthew Fallon, CH.t. Clinically Certified Hypnotist Life Transformation Coach Entertainer Speaker Author 1-(719) 285-7027 tel.

Photo credit: J. Michael Tracy via / CC BY

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