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The Importance of Emotional Clearing for Health & Healing

➜What does Science say about Emotions?

➜How do your Emotions Affect Your Body?

➜What is Emotional Clearing for Better Health?

As a life transformational coach and hypnotist, helping my clients achieve well-being through stress-free (or more aptly stated, stress-managed) lives, is my first priority.

Stress is the #1 cause of dis-ease in the body. What does THAT mean, really? It means that chronic stress (negative emotions) caused by 'life' and all that it throws at you, can cause sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, weight-gain, poor eating habits, negative habits of all kinds (smoking, nail biting, stuttering to name just a few) and MORE!

This article, HERE, written by Ty Bollinger, is absolutely something to be read and implemented. Then shared with your loved ones, friends, everyone.

Please read it by CLICKING HERE. Then, SHARE it.

Feel free to leave your comments, below, too! I'd love to hear from you.

Decide to make a change within YOURself, today.

Decide to feel better. Decide to live better.

Simply decide.

Here for you, ALWAYS,

Matthew Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotist

life transformation coach

(719) 285-7027

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