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“Four Hot Tips for Success”

The following tips will add clarity to your experience ~

1) Success with hypnosis is EQUAL to your desire for the change.

Therefore, make your desire for change a MUST. Not "I SHOULD" Not "I'LL TRY" Not "LET'S SEE IF THIS WORKS" Not "I HOPE THIS WORKS"

Not "LET'S GIVE THIS A GO" Imagine a child desiring a puppy behind glass. They don't care about the 'how' or the 'why.' They just want it!

Similarly, do not fill your mind with extraneous thoughts that cloud the way between you and your goal. Rather, hold your goal in your mind's eye -- not the how or the why. Your goal.

2) Hypnosis is done with you, not "to" you. Specifically stated: hypnosis is the natural, relaxed state of mind known as the Alpha-Theta level of mind (the same as daydreaming and light sleep). You are simply guided to this natural state of mind via your absolute compliance, desire, willingness and your belief.

It is done with you, not "to" you.

3) Hypnosis works with everyone. Not everyone works with hypnosis. The latter is a choice.

See, the hypnotic trance (deeply relaxed) state works with everyone because, simply, everyone naturally drifts into this state all on their own. The ONLY difference when utilizing hypnosis with a certified practitioner and/or hypnosis recordings is your allowing to be guided to the deeply relaxed state. This, ultimately, comes down to your trust, rapport and comfort. These qualities are variables -- the same apply to when you visit a dentist or an auto-mechanic and he asks you to leave your keys, for example.

Trust, rapport and comfort. One unsuccessful appointment does not equal unsuccessful future appointments. Again, the same for your dental appointment or auto-mechanic visit. Your goal is to find and work with a certified hypnotic practitioner that helps you build -together- trust, rapport and comfort. And/Or, to find and utilize hypnosis recordings that you enjoy listening to, produced by a certified hypnotic practitioner that puts you at ease and establishes trust, rapport and comfort. Once located and appointments (or listening to your recording(s)) begins, your goal is to reach your goal through your compliance, DESIRE, willingness and your BELIEF.

Do you see, so far in these 4 Steps, the full circle we're making?

This brings us to our final Step for Success.

4) The statement, "I tried hypnosis and it didn't work" is, in reality, a fabrication, cop-out statement. Hypnosis is a (natural) tool. Tools work. Simply be open-minded to learning how to use the tool and allow it to work for you. Becoming frustrated is absolutley normal. As it is with any new regimen.

Recognize the conscious-awareness you are re-learning. You have your un-desired habits, patterns and limiting beliefs as a result of conditioning and a lack of conscious-awareness.

Grant yourself permission, time and process.

You can get there.

Questions? Comments? Please leave them below and/or reach out to me. I am here for you. As you're reading this, share this valuable information with someone you know that would enjoy it and benefit from it. To your SUCCESS, Matthew Fallon, CH.t. Clinically Certified Hypnotist Life Transformation Coach

Photo credit: Daily Dose Of Champions via / CC BY


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