“Four Hot Tips for Success”

The following tips will add clarity to your experience ~

1) Success with hypnosis is EQUAL to your desire for the change.

Therefore, make your desire for change a MUST. Not "I SHOULD" Not "I'LL TRY" Not "LET'S SEE IF THIS WORKS" Not "I HOPE THIS WORKS"

Not "LET'S GIVE THIS A GO" Imagine a child desiring a puppy behind glass. They don't care about the 'how' or the 'why.' They just want it!

Similarly, do not fill your mind with extraneous thoughts that cloud the way between you and your goal. Rather, hold your goal in your mind's eye -- not the how or the why. Your goal.

2) Hypnosis is done with you, not "to" you. Specifically stated: hypnosis is the natural, relaxed state of mind known as the Alpha-Theta level of mind (the same as daydreaming and light sleep). You are simply guided to this natural state of mind via your absolute compliance, desire, willingness and your belief.

It is done with you, not "to" you.

3) Hypnosis works with everyone. Not everyone works with hypnosis. The latter is a choice.