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The "Anxiety Destroyer Technique"

Back in June, I shared with my clients and friends that anxiety can be a core-cause for weight gain. This video presentation, link below, teaches a simple trick to stop your next panic attack... and relieve high anxiety levels… in 60 seconds or less... I agree, it is *Awesome!*

As well, I am learning the people who have tried this technique already are amazed by it. In fact, some are so blown away by how much relief they’re enjoying that they’re now calling this little trick... the “Anxiety Destroyer Technique”. I love the title!

To dig further and do my due diligence, I did some research... and WOW!

Turns out it's not hype. It’s actually based on a revolutionary new clinically proven form of therapy, called... Neuro Activation Therapy!

Based in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it’s not just a solution for panic attacks and anxiety. The same technique works on fears, phobias, overwhelming levels or stress and worry, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety – even depression! I work with clients with these conditions a LOT and will be adding this very method to my 'tool bag.'

Karen Kerschmann, LCSW - CBT, cognitive behavioral therapist, emphasizes the positive outcomes clinical hypnosis alongside cognitive behavioral therapy can have on one's desired shifts in thought and behavior, helping to eliminate the cause --and negative effects-- of anxiety. You need not live with anxiety any longer!

I highly recommend you watch this video presentation. If you suffer from these issues, it really can be of great help to you.

To your Well-Being!

Matthew Fallon, C.Ht

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