You CAN Create a New, GOOD HABIT

Do you know the magic number that can help you create a new, good habit?

Is it possible to change, or create, a habit?

In just 21 to 30 days?

The answer is: Yes.

Regardless of how long you have struggled with a particular habit, you can completely change it in about 21 to 30 days.

This is not a snake oil pitch or a magic solution. Neuroscience has shown it is the wondrous mind we all have, the subconscious, that can be reprogrammed at any time.

Think of it...what a generous 'grace period' our mind gives us! Say you have been fighting with your habit for 20, 30, or more, years. In just 3 to 4 week's time, you can change it completely. One month is a very small exchange of time for years, don't you agree?

The old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" may or may not be true for dogs, but you are not a dog and it certainly is the furthest from the truth for humans. When you hear someone saying this to rationalize why they won't change a habit, you are hearing an easy cop-out.

Don't we just feel so much better when we can hold someone or something else accountable (such as a tired cliche) for our actions, or in-actions.

Habit-change begins with the first step of realizing we are accountable for the very habit we wish to change!

Neuroscience has shown that if you were to repeat / reinforce the same behavior once a day for 21 to 30 days, that new behavior would be part of your routine, i.e., a new habit. And guess what... even a thought is a 'behavior.' Monitor your ongoing thoughts.

Imagine your possibilities.

Make, change, break -- a habit.

You can do this. This is not going 'cold turkey' style and dropping a habit in one day. If you can do this, congratulations. You are among few. For the common person, the mind is forgiving and offers you a grace period. Just 21 to 30 days. One day at a time.