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What is this Hypnosis stuff and How is it Working? Truthfully.

"What is this Hypnosis Stuff and How is it Working? Truthfully."

A word that mystifies, confuses and often puts images of mind-control, voo-doo and witchcraft in people's minds - HYPNOSIS. Thankfully, these images and misconceptions couldn’t possibly be any further from the actual truth!

The word itself, hypnosis, is derived from the Greek word HYPNOS, meaning 'sleep.'

The state of hypnosis resembles sleep but is not sleep in the least bit. Indeed, the hypnotic state is a profound and focused relaxation, a single focus on one idea. (In 1841, Dr. James Braid had desired to rename hypnosis “monoideaism”, ‘one idea,’ literally, but that word just didn't catch on).

This profound and focused relaxation is a state we all experience every day, multiple times per day; we just don't know what to call it.

You see, it's the Alpha ~ Theta levels of mind:

∙ While reading a book

∙ Watching a program on TV (sports, drama, etc.) or a movie (remember feeling your heart pound?

Feeling the emotion swell up?) You knew it was just a movie, yet your subconscious mind

did not (just a dream) and it produced your physical reactions.

∙And… while listening to a piece of music, you get caught up in it.

∙How about while driving your car from point A to point B and you have no recollection of how you got there?!

We’ve ALL experienced this! (Known as road or highway hypnosis). It is when you are focused so intently on one thing that all other distractions just don't seem to matter…they simply fall by the wayside. It's the daydream state of mind, the Alpha / Theta level of mind -- when the mind is so w o n d e r f u l l y relaxed yet focused; the moments just before you fall asleep and just before you awaken from natural sleep.

The Hypnotist’s role is simply to guide you to this natural state of mind. See, many people believe a Hypnotist does something to somebody. In actuality, the ‘somebody’ comes to the Hypnotist and with a very specific desired-change goal. We are only - and solely - a guide.

Then, in this relaxed and focused mind-state, amazing potential is available and at your finger tips! Einstein, Graham Bell, Thomas Edison were known to take multiple naps per day. NOT because they were overly tired… But because they experienced this w o n d e r f u l l y relaxed yet focused state of mind. The deeper part of their minds (subconscious) fully assisted in making their visions and goals happen!

What are your goals? What changes do you desire? Any repeating patterns you notice, and would like to be G O N E, because you realize they are unproductive and possibly self-destructive, C A N be C H A N G E D to help you live a fuller, richer, more healthier life.

These include:

1) Habits

2) Beliefs

3) Values

All that's required is:

1) Your Burning Desire for Change

2) Your Willingness

3) Your Belief in the Power of Your own Mind to work for you.

Let me know how I can serve you.

With your full potential in mind,

Matthew Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotherapist

life transformation coach

Photo credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore via / CC BY-SA

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