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Snap Out of Your Trance!

SNAP out of your trance!

Are you IN-TRANCE?

Trance can be exhibited through half-conscious reaction(s) to stimuli of any kind: family, friends, media, environment, etc.

If you, or someone you know, is in constant rote behavior / phoning it in / auto-pilot / NOT PRESENT, what does it mean??

Our behavior is predominantly a result of our habitual feelings and thoughts:




Lack of Confidence



and more...

Habits, patterns and beliefs have created your life thus far.

Change those 3 and you change your life!

More on this soon....

In the meantime, wake-up, be present, be alive, simply BE and LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH!

Here for your SUCCESS!

Matthew Fallon, CH.t

Photo credit: Photo Extremist via / CC BY-ND

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