How to Stop Thinking So Much

Connect with Direct Experience as You Learn

How to Stop Thinking So Much

Hypnosis can help you know when to come out of thinking mode.

Do you ever get stuck inside your head analyzing events, ideas and your own thoughts?

Do you spend so much time thinking that you feel life is passing you by?

As human beings, our ability to consciously think is one of our biggest strengths. Our brains are so intricately developed that things like planning and making decisions are second nature and we can reflect upon the world carefully.

But overthinking can take the shine off life

It's like when a student is forced to read and analyze a novel. Soon, the enjoyment of the read is gone and the subject becomes dry and boring.

So too can events become less enjoyable as you go over each element, working yourself up into a state of worry and stress.

When you think too much, you end up feeling:

  • Removed from direct experience

  • Trapped in your endless analysis of the world

  • Unable to engage with the volatile nature of life.

Hypnosis can help you stop thinking so much

We don't want to downplay or get rid of thinking.

Because thinking about things in the right way can enrich your life so much and enable you to see things that you didn't notice before.

But what hypnosis can do is help you differentiate between times when you should be thinking and times when you can leave the analysis behind and enjoy the experience directly.