The Secret of Your Imagination

IMAGINATION is the LANGUAGE of the subconscious! Let's consider,

  • when I work with a golfer, I teach him/her to meditate and IMAGINE playing several holes, including putting into the cup.

  • Clients who see me to quit smoking are taught to IMAGINE their personal benefits for successfully quitting.

  • Likewise, those wishing to manage their weight are asked to fantasize already being at their ideal weight, doing the activities they wish to do.

When I finished school in the early 90's, several of my teachers urged us NOT to daydream; rather, they wanted us to think.

The reality is that we are born with the ability to daydream with all of our five senses, and do so often even when we wish to avoid it.

For example,

  • the person on a diet who sees someone else eating sweets may often fantasize the taste of that same dessert, and another diet is gone with the wind.

  • The golfer is so concerned about avoiding the water hazard that he/she goes through two or three "water balls" before finally clearing the hazard. On a topic NOT related to hypnosis, yet rather to the very topic of suggestion:

  • Consider the parent who tells a child: "Do NOT spill your milk!"

By projecting the image into the child of spilled milk, there is now a greater risk of the child spilling the milk! It would be better to say: "Keep your milk in the glass until you drink it."