3 Steps to Ignite Your Motivation

I'm curious.

What did you think of my last emails on Boredom and Enthusiasm?

Are you enjoying them? Did you learn something?

Did you do the exercise or just read it? If you did do it, it feels great doesn't it?!

What we get out of ANYthing is directly proportionate to what we put INTO it. Always. No exceptions. I do wish there were, but there just aren't.

Allow yourself to feel joy in your process.

Now, those of you that missed "Getting Bored with it All?" and "Ignite your Enthusiasm!" (and to review awesome past issues of my e-newsletter), use this link: Past Issues Archive.

Motivation. How to get it. When you want it!

1) Start something today. No matter how small, start something today. Every step makes a difference and brings you closer to your goal.

2) Imagine, really visualize, how you want to be:

More Confident

Weigh Less


Sleep Better

Without Fear / PTSD

Stress and Worry Free

Managed Pain

Improved Memory