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The #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation

Relaxation is impossible without letting go, loosening, fully releasing.

Releasing is accomplished, first, via the breath.

Breath -- breathing -- is the #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation.

Deep, slow breaths.

"Do not underestimate how potent relaxation can be! Just ask the Olympic skier as he begins his slalom, or the diamond cutter as drill meets stone, or the heart surgeon deftly repairing an artery. Relaxation fosters focus, precision, fluidity, and flawless timing. When I’m relaxed, my psychobiology makes the most efficient use of my blood flow, hormone release, oxygen transfer, and nerve impulses. The Latin root of the word relax means to loosen. (Which is a good move when one is engaged in strangling oneself!)"

- Trance of Scarcity, Victoria Castle

Breathe consciously. This means to be fully aware of your breathing.

Assess your breathing.

Are you breathing shallow, short breaths?

Are you breathing into your chest? Into your shoulders?

Breathe slowly and deeply into your belly. Feel, and see, your belly gently fill and empty.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Always here for you and your SUCCESS,


Matthew Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotist

life transformation coach

(719) 285-7027

Photo credit: shawnzrossi via / CC BY

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