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Breathe. Part 2 (Breathe deeper)


This post is late. Much later than my initial timeline had intended.

But that's OK.


Most of you know that I travel, a lot, with my work. I was blessed with a great chunk of time home and Spring springing into action at home in Colorado. I chose to relish in the moments with my two beautiful children going hiking and playing outside.

Enjoyment could not have been accomplished -- fun would not have been felt and had --had I not let go...loosened...and completely let go...

I was breathing.

My last post, "The #1 Secret to Ultimate Relaxation" detailed the importance of breath, that is, of breathing deeply. Relaxation is impossible without letting go, loosening, fully releasing. And this is accomplished, first and foremost, through breathing slowly and deeply.

Stress is the #1 cause of dis-ease in the body and it can be a killer.

Stress affects us all...Everyone...No one is immune to stress.

Per Webster's dictionary, it is "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances."

What separates us is our own individual ability to manage stress and how we react to the adverse or very demanding circumstances in our lives.

Cultivating the habit of giving yourself...just...a...few...moments to pause...and breathe a few slow...and deep...breaths...before we react (or better still, PRO-act) to the adverse or very demanding circumstances that we face, can serve us immensely well.

Try it on for size. Tell me how it fits in the comments, below.

Always here for you and your SUCCESS,


Matthew Fallon, CH.t

certified clinical hypnotherapist

life transformation coach

Tel: (719) 285-7027

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