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Just 20-minutes per Day...

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

For your benefit, I always strive to make this email newsletter a vehicle to deliver to you the latest in mind-change technologies, well-being tools and techniques and resources.

I think you'll find this as fascinating as I do. Especially being in the heart of winter for those of you in North America and being in the heart of the Holidays right now, this is imperative information... It is undeniably easy to eat too much, eat the wrong things, not engage in much more activity than sitting on the couch, watching movies and sports.

Are feeling sluggish?

Feeling your memory is not as sharp?

Feeling melancholy, depressed?

Lacking motivation?

So, please check out this link by CLICKING HERE. It expands on the thing we can all do for just 20-minutes per day that dramatically increases brain activity.

Please check out THIS ARTICLE written by a resource I use and trust. You'll thank me for it later, I'm sure of it!

To your well-being,


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