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Part 2: Emotional Clearing for Health

Below, is a beautiful infographic of how emotional stress ails the body, how it halts the immune system and how it is most often the #1 cause of dis-ease in the body. ➜In February, I posted Part 1: The Importance of Emotional Clearing Go back and read it for valuable information! It is even worth a re-read. Today, for Part 2, study this infographic. Learn it and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle for optimal emotional health:

➜Forgive -- forgive all who have hurt you; forgive yourself (Tip: to forgive means to let go. When you don't let go of a past issue or an old pain, the only one on the hook is you. Choose to let go.) ➜Release regret ➜Let go of bitterness ➜Turn off a cynical attitude ➜Deny the desire for revenge ➜Choose to live a joyful life

Thank you to Ty Bollinger, independent medical researcher, author and producer of The Truth About Cancer, for this infographic, below. Here for you, ALWAYS, Matthew Fallon, CH.t certified clinical hypnotist life transformation coach

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