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Time for Spring Clean-up! + E-Motion

Sweep away old habits

SPRING CLEAN-UP! ➜What dust-bunnies are hiding in your Mind? ➜Would you like to sweep old habits and patterns gone? Spring is the time for clean-up! The same attention you are hopefully giving to your home should also be given to your mind & body. You know the dust-bunnies that we find hiding in corners of our home, under couches and desks and dressers. What dust-bunnies are hiding in your mind? Clumps of old debris, collecting more and becoming larger and well, more ugly. Take honest, accountable and raw assessment of your regular thoughts, self-talk and patterns of behavior today. Which are NOT serving you and others around you?
E-MOTION! When you are feeling down, melancholy, agitated... change your posture!
Per the brilliant mind of Tony Robbins, your current negative emotion can be changed, instantly, with motion. Hence the 'e' in emotion. Change your emotion with motion. Motion is Energy, Emotion is an Energy. Get it? Cool right? Doubt it? Then TRY it and see for yourself.
Action Steps:
➜Next time you're feeling sluggish, down, depressed, take a walk. Stand / sit UP and stretch WIDE. Move your arms, legs, every part of yourself that is able, MOVE it. ➜Then, do this: look up at the sky or ceiling and smile, BIG! Hold it for a few moments. Breathe.. Who cares what others think about you! Let them wonder! I dare you to say you feel negative emotions after these! Share your experience!
Here for you, ALWAYS, Matthew Fallon, CH.t certified clinical hypnotist life transformation coach

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